CrossWinds University

CrossWind University Classes - Fall Semester 2017

Sunday mornings 9:45 to 10:45 AM -- September 10 to December 3, 2017

Christian Beliefs — God doesn’t call every Christian to go to seminary, but there are basics beliefs of the Christian faith every Christian. If you are a new believer or even if you are a more mature believer looking to brush-up on what you believe, this study in the book Christian Beliefs is for you. This class will work through the 20 chapters of this easy to read book. Taught by Nick Edwards in the Commons.


Parenting: 14 Gospel-Based Principles — In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything "right", it's easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents.

This study of 14 Gospel-Based Principles Of Parenting offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, Paul Tripp presents us with a big-picture view of God's plan for parents. We need more than the latest parenting strategy or technique. We need the rescuing grace of God—grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents. Taught by Todd and Alexis McQuown, Justin and Erica Techen, and Clay and Kathy Norris in the gym lobby.


Growing in Christ — This 13 week class covers the basics of the faith for those new to Christ. The class covers an overview of the Bible and an overview of the character of God. It also covers the importance of the church, baptism, communion, worship, prayer, giving, service, fellowship, and evangelism to living the Christian life. Taught by Pastor Kurt in his office.

Growing in Christ - Small