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Archives for January 2015

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Choosing Suffering Over Sin

How much should Christians try to fit with modern culture? Where is the line between living as part of our community and living a holy life? In this message we learn six truths we must remember if we want the courage to suffer for holiness instead of following the crowd and choosing sin....

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What Good Can Come From Unjust Suffering?

When facing times of unexplainable suffering, we often wonder what possible good can come from all of the pain. In this message Peter provides us with the confidence we need to know God will use our undeserved suffering for good....

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How Do I Endure Unjust Suffering?

People can be downright evil. Either for reasons unknown to us, or because of our faith in Christ, some people enjoy doing evil toward us. They posture themselves as our enemy. How should we treat them? How do we try and stop their hate-filled words and actions? How do we cope with the pressure when the suffering doesn't stop? These are some of the important questions we a...

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Called To Be A Blessing

A popular line from the movie Rambo was, "They drew first blood." It was a justification of revenge. Is that the way Christians live? Are we justified in getting even with our enemies? Join us as we learn how to handle difficult people....

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Common Grounds Refurbishing - How can I help?

Discover how you can participate in helping convert the CrossWinds "Common Grounds" from an overlooked space to an inviting hub to serve CrossWinds and our community....

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Men And Marriage

What does a husband need to know to turn his marriage into a raging success? In this study, husband's learn how to live with their wife for God's glory and their joy....

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