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Archives for May 2015

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How Does Work Touch Eternity?

Is the earth going to burn? Will all our work one day be destroyed when Jesus returns? In this message we discover the surprising enduring value of our daily work....

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How Does Jesus Change Work?

Sermon Handout - PDF Editable Sermon Notes - DOCX Sermon Insert - PDF ...

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How Do I Deal with Difficult Co-Workers and Bosses?

How do I deal with difficult co-workers and bosses in the workplace?...

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How Do I Balance Work, Church And Family?

It wasn't long ago some were predicting the main challenge for our generation would be too much spare time. For example, in 1967, testimony before a Senate subcommittee claimed that by 1985 the average work week would be just twenty-two hours. Instead we went the opposite direction. Today Americans lead the industrialized world in annual work hours. In 1967, the average em...

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What Went Wrong With Work?

God created work to be a blessing but something went wrong. Work is painful. While our jobs are a source of joy, they are also frustrating. Discover what went wrong with work and how it affects us....

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Why Do We Work?

Is work just a way to make money? Is work a necessary evil that we hope to avoid in retirement? As we begin this series, we discover why we work and the role God created it to play in our life....

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