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Archives for March 2016

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The Resurrection Changes Everything

NT Wright—a prominent Anglican theologian, talks about his friend, Marcus Borg. NT believes Marcus is a Christian even though he doesn't believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Is it possible to be a Christian without believing in the literal resurrection? In this study we learn how a Christ that didn't rise destroys our faith. A Jesus that did rise changes our ...

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Genesis 22 - Obedience

Only hours after receiving the prestigious Crufts Rosette award for good behavior at a dog show, Eddie, an Akita, lunged at a nearby woman sinking his teeth into her knee cap and hand leaving her with serious injuries. His disobedience led to a costly lawsuit for his owners. While obedience can lead to honor, disobedience leads to disaster. As we continue our study of G...

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Lunch 4 Kids Benefit Concert Video

The Lunch 4 Kids concert raised money to help pay for the school lunches of needy families in the Spirit Lake, IA community. Special thanks to CTI Music Ministries for making this concert possible....

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Genesis 22 - Tests

One of the worst parts of school are the tests. The hardest test to pass is the final exam. In Genesis 22 Abraham faces his final exam in the school of faith. Just like Abraham, God is growing our faith and testing us to bring us to maturity. In this chapter we learn how to prepare for the tests and trials of faith we will have in our life and how to pass with flying color...

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Genesis 21 - Promises

The election season is in full swing. The candidates for president are making promises of what they will do for us if elected to office. Unfortunately, most of us don't believe them. Politicians have become synonymous with dishonesty. Bill Clinton promised to lower taxes for the middle class, he didn't. Franklin Roosevelt ran for president on the pledge he would balan...

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