CrossWinds COVID-19 Update | Sunday Worship Services: In-person and Live Online at 8:15 & 11 a.m.

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CrossWinds COVID - 19 Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings

  1. All staff are recommended to wear a mask, face shield, or face covering when in a confined area and not able to social distance. 
  2. Face masks, face shields, or face coverings are recommended for all other attendees of activities or meetings. 
  3. All commonly touched objects and surfaces should be disinfected after use (i.e. tables, chairs, toys, etc.) 
  4. Screening procedures should be shared with attendees prior to an event or done as attendees enter. These should include temperature checks and symptom checks. (Can be done by attendee beforehand) 
  5. Every effort will be made to take attendance so attendees can be informed of any possible exposure. 
  6. Events and meetings should be held outside or in large open spaces with attendees appropriately spaced whenever possible 
  7. Quarantine or stoppage of events or activities will be determined based on Iowa Public Health and Local Public Health Guidance and recommendations 
  8. If an event or activity is for dependents (those under 18) and the dependents will not be able to socially distance and masks will not be required, guardians should be informed prior to the event. 
  9. During an event or activity, all attendees shall avoid personal contact (including, but not limited to, hand shakes, hugs, etc.) and no food or drink shall be served or brought to be shared unless it is pre-packaged. 
  10. Elders request we follow these guidelines until such time as local health officials rescind these type of recommendations.