Friday, June 17, 2016 - Proverbs 10

f you love your parents, be wise and don’t grieve them (v. 1). It is essential to learn wisdom if you don’t want to break your parents’ hearts.

How can you be wise and avoid grieving your parents? The proverbs in this chapter are terse sayings designed to develop wise living. Here are a few of my favorite proverbs in this chapter:

  1. Make an honest living (vv.2-3). Dishonesty will always leave you hungry and your profit will be destroyed. It is always right to be honest. It makes parents proud.
  2. Be a hard worker (vv.4-5). Get out of bed early and work hard. Don’t be lazy at work.
  3. Be careful what you say (vv. 6-7). Speak positively of others and avoid speaking with hatred toward others. The memory of what you say will hang around long after you say it and will make people either love you or hate you.
  4. Don’t always talk. Focus on better listening (v. 8). It is easy to focus on giving your opinion. Focus on listening and learning from others.
  5. Live a life of integrity. The truth and time go hand in hand (vv. 9-10). Whenever you choose to lie it is not a question of if it will be discovered but only when it will be discovered. If you lack integrity, it will be discovered.
  6. If you are righteous, you will build others up. If you are wicked, you will tear others down. Your words will either make you or break you (vv. 11-14).
  7. Learn to overlook an offense (v. 12).
  8. Don’t spend all you make. There will come a time when you need your savings (15-16).
  9. Be teachable. Take correction (v. 17).
  10. Be a better listener than a talker (v.19).
  11. If you choose a life of wickedness, what you dread is what will happen. If you choose a life of righteousness, God grants your dreams (v. 24). God grants the desires of the righteous but he fulfills the nightmares of the wicked.
  12. Don’t procrastinate when someone asks you to do something (v. 26). People will detest you if they can’t count on you getting something done promptly.

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