Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Proverbs 9

When was the last time you had an invitation to dinner? Proverbs 9 is about two dinner invitations. One by Lady Wisdom (Proverbs 9:1-6) and another by Lady Folly (Proverbs 9:13-18). In the middle are a few words of self-diagnosis to help you discover which dinner invitation you are taking based on how you take correction from others. Choose wisely where you will eat your dinner.

  1. Lady Wisdom calls the simple to come leave their simple ways and live. She offers to move us from ignorance to life (vv. 106). Lady Wisdom (Jesus) has made great preparations for us of an amazing meal of meat and wine. She offers us life to the fullest with a feast. The preparations are made. Lady Wisdom is calling out to you. Will you come?
  2. Lady Folly seduces you with pleasures laced with poison (vv.13-18). While Lady Wisdom is wise, Lady Folly knows nothing. She can teach you absolutely nothing. She is loud and seductive. That means foolish choices are noticeable and they look good on the surface but they do not result in improving your life. While foolish choices promise pleasure over time they lead to death.
  3. How will you respond to correction which reveals the dinner invitation you are following (vv.7-12). Are you a natural mocker of those who correct you? Do you love or hate those who have the courage to express their concerns with your life? If you value correction and try to change, you are listening to Lady Wisdom. If you mock those who correct you, you are listening to Lady Folly. Don’t write off those who love you enough to have the courage to offer words of correction, even if they hurt. If you don’t agree with everything they say, keep the wheat and discard the husk. Listen to the dinner invitation of Lady Wisdom even if it hurts and you will become wise.

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