Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is a big step and should not be entered into hurriedly or without sufficient time to learn about each other and what makes a strong, lasting relationship. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the engaged couple seek Christian counseling in preparation for a lifetime of commitment. This is a requirement of our pastors as they walk through the marriage process with you.

We use a comprehensive program called Prepare/Enrich to equip couples and give them insight into their relationship as husband and wife. Couples will individually complete an online inventory and then a pastor or trained counselor will work with the couple to discover their strengths and weaknesses so that they can grow together as they enter marriage. A customized report will be shared with each couple to help them prepare for life together.

The process we use for our premarital counseling includes this Prepare/Enrich inventory as well as readings, audio messages and personal mentoring.  The Pre-Marital Preparation Classes are typically six sessions customized to the needs of the couple. If you would like to get married at CrossWinds start by filling out the form below.