Realm is Building Community

Realm is our NEW online ministry tool designed for real time connection. It helps our church connect and build community together. If you consider yourself part of the CrossWinds family, you’ll love it. Realm allows you to manage your personal information and who is allowed to see it, control your giving, and keep in touch with the groups that matter to you.

Login to Realm-button 1Previous CITY users can also click the "Login to Realm" button and click the "Forgot your password?" link to set a new password to login to Realm for the first time. Your CITY profile information (except your profile picture), will carry over that way.
*The password link reset in the email expires in 24 hours.

Join Realm-button 1After clicking the "Join Realm" button and submitting the Join Realm at CrossWinds Church form, for security purposes, please allow 1 business day for a Realm invitation email to be sent to you.

**The initial login has to be done through a web browser. When an invitation is sent, if the user tries to log in and has the Realm Connect app (link below) on their phone, they will not be able to log in. They will get the "code/token" message. This is because Realm is a closed site. The user can either uninstall the Realm Connect app (link below) then click on the email (which will cause them to load Realm via a web browser) or login through their desktop computer. Once the user receives a "code" message they will need a password reset/invitation re-sent by church staff.



Why use Realm? Realm strengthens CrossWinds Church connections.

What about my privacy? Realm is safe, private, and secure.

What about giving? Realm gives you control over your giving.

*Download the free Realm Connect mobile app on Apple or Android to stay connected while on the go!

**The initial login has to be done through a web browser. This is because Realm is a closed site. More information under the "Join Realm" button.

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