Living for the Applause of One

May 5, 2013 Speaker: Kurt Trucksess Series: John on Jesus

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: John 12:12–12:33

Applause… We want them. It is hard to live without them. What should we do when we can't make everyone happy? As Jesus enters Jerusalem, it is the high point of his ministry. A crowd of thousands cheer his arrival and ask him to be king. He can't make everyone happy. To gain the applause of God the Father, he needs to turn his back on the intoxicating pleasure of the crowd and embrace a horrifying death for us. Like Jesus, we also need to choose whose applause we will live for, our friends and neighbors or our Heavenly Fathers. Like, Jesus, to gain the applause of God the Father will involve a path of suffering. The applause of God the Father are worth it in the end.

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