Mark 12:18-27 - The Resurrection Is Better Than The Joys Of Marriage

February 23, 2020 Speaker: Kurt Trucksess Series: Mark - The King And The Cross

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Mark 12:18–27

collided with oncoming traffic. The impact of the crash detached Alex's skull from his spinal cord. Alex lived but he awoke from a coma two months later as a quadriplegic. When he awoke, he began telling his parents about visiting heaven, seeing Jesus and angels that intervened in the car accident to save his father's life. Tyndale House published a book about Alex's trip to heaven claiming it was a true story. It sold over a million copies. Unfortunately Alex later admitted that he made everything up to get attention. Millions of people were deceived by his fictional stories about life after death. Is there a way we can know what lives beyond the grave? Can we know with certainty that there is life after death? Join us as we discover the certainty and joys of the resurrection.

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