Romans 6:1-14 - The Gift Of A Changed Life

December 20, 2020 Speaker: Kurt Trucksess Series: The Advent of The Son - Christmas from Romans

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Romans 6:1–14

Our family placed presents under the tree before Christmas Eve. The week before Christmas meant a pile of presents for all to see. As an only child, I was thrilled that most had my name on them! It felt like I hit the jackpot! Christmas morning was different. I learned all the presents were not the same. Many of them were needed but less than thrilling. They were packages of socks, underwear, and a new shirt for church. That was not what a young boy was looking for on Christmas morning. Thankfully all present were not that way. Some were exactly what I wanted. They were gifts like a remote controlled car or a shooting gallery. That is what made Christmas morning exciting for a boy. In a similar way, this message may look like it is just another ordinary message. It is just another present under the tree. As we explore Romans 6, we will see this messages is much more than we expect. It is a gift we desperately want and need. It is the gift of victory over sin! Join me in learning how we can have victory over the power of sin in our life. Together, let's unwrap the gift of a changed life.

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