Our Past

First Faith Church

  • 1949: CrossWinds Church began under the name of Faith Church. It was founded as a church committed to the Bible, missions and children/youth ministry.


  • 1954: The church acquired its first piece of property on 15th Street in Spirit Lake.


  • 1956: The church voted to affiliate with the Evangelical Free Church of America denomination.


  • 1973: The church relocated from 15th street in Spirit Lake to the corner of 28th Street and Erie Avenue in Spirit Lake and built the first sanctuary.Gym Build


  • 1981: AWANA ministry began.


  • 1990: A new gymnasium was built.


  • 2000: Worship Center Build The main worship center was built in Spirit Lake.


  • 2010: The church mortgage was paid off.


  • 2011: $270,000 in unexpected roof and basement repairs paid off in one year.


  • 2012: 120422 Faith Stage 05Multi-campus ministry was explored as a way to better reach our region.  The stage, lighting and video capabilities were upgraded to enable Internet streaming and video campuses.


  • 2013: The congregation voted to become a multi-campus church and the first campus pastor, Jordan Gowing, was hired for a new campus in Spencer.


  • 2014: Spencer Location PhotoCrossWinds voted to change its name from Faith Church to CrossWinds Church to have a unique name in our region.  The first campus in Spencer was opened.