Trevor Duckett - Director of AVL Production

Screenshot_20180316-231829_CopyMeet Trevor, a tech enthusiast with a cool demeanor and a knack for making technology seamlessly integrate into our lives. He's been a steady presence at Crosswinds Church for almost a year, where he now serves as the AVL Director for the Spirit Lake Campus since Spring 2024.
Originally a Texan, Trevor made the move to Iowa in 2005, occasionally donning Burnt Orange or a star-adorned hat as a subtle homage to his roots. His journey has been more than just tech gigs; he spent six years in the Iowa National Guard, including a deployment to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, he fought fires for five years on the Sibley Fire Department, proving that he's not afraid to tackle any blazing challenge that comes his way.
Trevor is not just a tech whiz; he's a family man. Married to Abigail Duckett, they're navigating the adventure of parenthood with their four children. In 2017, he took a significant step in his spiritual journey by getting baptized and publicly expressing his faith in Jesus. Now that's what we call a spiritual upgrade!
When he's not wrangling technology, Trevor is on a perpetual quest for knowledge. His educational journey mirrors his professional one, with an A.S. in Computer Science from Northwest Iowa Community College, a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and ongoing pursuits in an M.S. in Cyber Security at Iowa State.
If you're looking for tech advice or a casual chat about the ever-evolving digital landscape, Trevor is your go-to person. Whether you're pondering a tech-related decision or contemplating ways to contribute to the church community, Trevor is approachable and ready to lend a hand. Feel free to reach out to him or any staff member to explore how you can get involved with the Tech team or contribute to the church's initiatives. Your tech journey might just find its perfect guide in Trevor – the calm captain of this digital ship.