Mark 14:32-42 - When Prayer Is More Important Than Sleep

October 4, 2020 Speaker: Kurt Trucksess Series: Mark - The King And The Cross

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Mark 14:32–42

Is anyone stressed? Statistics say 77 percent of Americans are expressing physical signs of stress. 73 percent of Americans are expressing psychological signs of stress. One in every two Americans will stay away at night because they are anxious about the future. One interesting stress statistic reported by a dentist in Iowa deals with stress and teeth. During the COVID pandemic, in spite of fewer patients, each day he treats two to five times more cracked teeth. Cracked teeth are a sign of stress because in stressful times we subconsciously grind our teeth during our sleep. What does the Bible say about handling stress? What does the Bible say we should do to live a life a faithful life for Jesus in stress-filled world? Join us as we learn how Jesus teaches us to face our stress.

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