2 Samuel 23 - Successful Leaders And Their Team

January 28, 2024 Speaker: Kurt Trucksess Series: 2 Samuel - A Better King

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: 2 Samuel 23:1–39

Zvika Greengold was celebrating Yom Kippur at his Israeli kibbutz when he heard the sound of a jet fighter. Realizing there would be no military exercises on a religious holiday, he turned on his radio and learned that Egypt and Syria sprung a surprise attack on Israel. It was October 6, 1973. As a reserve tank commander, Zvika ran to his tank and drove it to the Golan Heights. Force Zvika singlehandedly held back two thousand advancing Syrian tanks, giving the Israeli military enough time to mobilize. After 30 hours of fighting, Zvika emerged from his tank, burned, wounded, and too exhausted to walk after destroying forty tanks and thwarting five Syrian divisions. His sacrifice and courage saved the country. As we continue studying 2 Samuel, we meet the mighty men God put around David. We will learn of their heroic deeds and how God used them to save David and the kingdom. When God raises up a leader, thankfully, he also raises up a team.

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